Meet Our People

Our team of experienced individuals takes care of the wants and needs of the people they serve.


There is the perfect team to run an HOA smoothly and efficiently. It makes for a confident and enjoyable experience being a member of the board knowing that everything is being taken care of with integrity, professionally and honestly with high standards demanded and expected by our homeowners.


Michael Freeman


Mayor, Co-Founder

Our Team


Community Staff

Miley McLean


Association Manager


Has over 5 years HOA and property management experience.

Vicki Reed


Administrative Support


Assists homeowners and resolves administrative issues.

Jonathan Williams


Association Manager


Resolves issues the homeowners encounter and assists with their concerns.

Bill Oakes


Association Manager


Has experience in residential property management, and construction.

Tomas Bailey


Association Manager


Has HOA management experience and over 8 years of office management.

John Heisenberg




Specializes in bookkeeping of all kinds and tax management.

Dillan Woods




Enjoys working with numbers, problem solving and research.

Mike William


Administrative Support


Assists homeowners and property managers on a daily basis.